Advanced Analytix



Focused on solution in Corporate efficiency:
Planning, Analytics, Big Data


Unique solutions which allows business to connect people,
data and planning processes from different functions together in one system in one process.

Business platform

Self service new era platform for data visualization,
collaboration, mobile and executives dashboarding


From experts with worldwide experience in S&OP, Finance, HR

We are visioneers in bringing most innovative
technonogies on the market

Exclusive most innovative vendors in their niche.
Anaplan is the Gartner leader in SCPM Quadrant.
DOMO is most innivative BI solutions with a totaly new BI 3.0 approach.

We are working in 15 countries all over the world

Our team based on mobile spec-ops principles and able to resolve complex problems and realize abbicious projects in short terms with high quality. Our consultants are the best in their focused areas where we are the best on the market. All the team is working on worldwide projects.

Our customers:

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S&OP, HR, Finance, Strategy Consulting

Our team collects worldwide and local experience working in biggest companies in the world and in business consulting. Unique practice and solutions in process optimization in big corporate business.